Amy Frost, MBA, MA in Spiritual PsychologyCoach, Life Manager, Triage Specialist, Keynote Speaker, Trainer

Coach, Life Manager, Triage Specialist, Keynote Speaker, Trainer

Visualizations to Thrive at Work (CD)
Amy Lynn Frost, MBA and MA Spiritual Psychology

This CD helps people with 5-8 minute power visualizations on several key work topics from starting and ending your day to making decisions and working through procrastination. 

Free Introduction

Music by Lisa Lynne, World Renowned Musician, Musician on Staff City of Hope

A guide to surviving…thriving…loving your life and work -- visualizations for people in the real world.  Use any section of this CD when you need to begin your day, overcome challenges, inspire creativity, make tough decisions or end your day in balance a process you can make work immediately.
1. Introduction: How to use CD 3:33
2. Starting Your Day with Intention 8:07
3. Work Sabbath 6:41
4. Coming to CENTER 6:32
5. Authentic Power 6:40
6. Setting and Holding a Vision 5:12
7. Your Creative Self 5:33
8. Tapping intoYour Humorous Self 5:41
9. Decision Making 5:29
10. Networking 5:39
11. Moving Past Procrastination 5:55
12. Release Stress from Your Day 6:37